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In our country ( india ) people use to have a pity on these type of children , but there are less no of people who came forward and want to help them to be independent and confident enough to face the world and stand with the society to feel that there is a world for them too. For a developing country like us having a population of one billion plus , the consequences of disability among children has its own dynamics. They suffer from lack of social security, and a growing indifference among other children.

In metropolitan cities like delhi there is growth in the no of spastic or physically or mentally challenged children . Comprehensive support from government / non-governmental organizations / voluntary organizations / is needed for providing financial and social security , healthcare, shelter, welfare and other needs. It seeks to provide protection against abuse and exploitation.

Affirmative action from volunteer group is needed with special attention to these children. With a view to building the capacity of families to take care of these children, the ngo’s must envisage positive intervention and action strengthening social support system – both formal and non formal. In order to provide them family environment both government as well as non government organizations need to step forward for setting up more no of day care centers for the children.

Kriti strongly feel that in northwest sector of nct delhi, which is thickly populated with the residents of low-income group, adjoining village like areas( saeed gaon, najafgarh etc. ) and slum dwellers and unauthorized colonies. A number of these types of children living there in unhygienic environment and destitute condition in the slums. Therefore kriti has decided to set up special school for spastic children in this part of delhi.