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The kriti is a voluntary ngo registered under delhi society registration act 1960 and also registered with the income tax department under section 80 g.

1. Help line services for challanged children (physically & mentally): the kriti extends free help-line services for physically and mentally challenged children.
2. Health camps: the kriti organize health camps in the slump pockets in which Large number of children is benefited.
3. Therapy (by developmental therapist): kriti provides splints, Furniture (wheel chair, pram, walker etc) according to the need of children.
Education (by special educator): teaching students according to the prepared lesson plan and writing evaluation provide stationary to create drawing, nursery rhymes, story telling, eye hand coordination, antakshri and by providing educational toys.

Cultural programmes: the team of kriti organized cultural programmes, festival celebrations (durga pooja, holi, diwali, christmas etc) fanci dress competition, birthday, disability day, navratre , children’s day, and other small functions.

Educational tours/picnic: the team has organized educational tours by taking children at zoo, humanyu tomb, fire station, and post office and for a joy on a picnic trip at children park, distt. Park and these like places.